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Date Number Comment
2016-07-14 8714234942 appears as expensive call on bill
2016-07-14 01913889827 when answered said he was from Talktalk, it was a spam and he wanted money; £3,000.
2016-07-12 01213601008 Calls every day sometimes Twice a day
2016-07-12 0162738490 Have you got some information about this phone number ? It called me every night
2016-07-12 0280152270 I am constantly receiving calls from this number, I never answer the mob but I am home sick today and the home phone rang. You guessed it the same number but they just hung up. why can't the leave us alone, more to the point what is the point of the calls?
2016-07-12 02031291891 I perplexed the folk on the other end when I asked which computer it was that was causing the problem. And which version of windows? and the type of computer? Never had a call back about computer problems.
2016-07-12 02031291891 I had this very same number other day, didn't confirm my details even though he said my name and post code and said I was ex directory, challenged the Asian guy about how he got my details, he said my details had been passed to him by my family who had conducted an online thing in the last 6 months, said I was not interested as my family had no right to pass on information without my permission. He would not give up so I put the phone down on him
2016-07-11 7381190187 they are fake bank callers ..they talk in for your debit card renewal and ask your card number ,then for verification and ask ur code secret no and your balance and take your money instantly...pls do not encourage them..they are frauds
2016-07-09 4847735154 Calls every night and day and never leaves a message
2016-07-08 5673379318 They keep calling saying it is important I return the call but line is always busy. In message they never say who they are or why they are calling
2016-07-05 8033919936 I know this number, It is ok
2016-07-05 6263448769 Strange number, I am very pissed.
2016-07-05 8644213664 I don't know who calling, but I am afraid that I can't talk with him
2016-07-02 7384346773 want to know about this phone number..
2016-06-30 9473339083 Continuous calls from different numbers that say hello then hang up
2016-06-30 5104430044 I received all stating I was being sued and must call this phone number
2016-06-30 79293942765 Message recieved form this number
2016-06-28 01634563170 07801286349 received call from thisnumber
2016-06-16 12629494003 This number keeps texting me
2016-06-16 15136070649 My name is David and want to track a number
2016-06-16 5859939127 This number is calling me at least once a day. I have no idea who it is.
2016-06-16 0402252880 Auto reject it.don't even bother with this idiot!
2016-06-16 0402253882 this phone number is going to auto reject.that's it
2016-06-16 00881933010145 i got a text message saying call me urgently
2016-06-16 8445079350 Guy called himself "Dave Johnson" and then the line cut out
2016-06-16 7091366853 By this number I got missed call at 3:00am at midnight and it call me 3 times after taking some minutes and again call. I was afraid to pickup the call at that time because its too late. On 4 call I pickup and say hello from other side I listen a girl voice reply me hello.that time when she said hello on that there a background voice listening it was a men voice saying or singing I don't understand but the word is aaaaaaa.when I said hello n she reply to me after may 2 or 8 minutes later she cut the call. If anybody anything know about this call plzs tell its fake or true
2016-06-15 0489913415 Hh
2016-06-15 0334432822 Women's voice, said she was from SKY digital (or similar) asking how much we pay for broadband etc. When I said she needed to talk to my husband I asked for her number so that we could call back and she seemed agitated, gave me this number and then said No, thats the wrong number, and gave me another which was clearly not a phone number at all. I queried this and she said it was a home number. All very strange.
2016-06-15 3523972805 It's a telemarketer I know what triggers him, only surveys and quizzes and only offers
2016-06-15 02228954966 Want to know whose number is this.
2016-06-15 0426239303 I my self paras Mahajan
2016-06-15 1587404-0174 Missed this call and just curious who called
2016-06-15 03319728287 I am from sahiwal pakistan
2016-06-15 5204606797 Soccer player
2016-06-15 0282157286 blank calls
2016-06-15 9096661646 Leaving creepy voicemails
2016-06-14 4018472021 Just wondering who this is, they called me 3 times in a row.
2016-06-14 9163103929 A guy from this no 9163103929 is harassing me, I may go to police but first I want to know who is he?
2016-06-14 07479%20946978 Hush
2016-06-14 7204902613 This number keeps calling, I want to know who it is

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