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Date Number Comment
2016-10-21 02088441100 Calling about car accident 3 years ago, there was no injury to any party involved. Claimed to be from a claims company. Strong Asian accent.
2016-10-21 01159975396 automated girl asking about car accidents, tried calling the number back but the number is not recognized
2016-10-21 02081119911 Man was shouting at me to let him continue talking even though I politely told him I wasn't interested
2016-10-21 01149443901 "I hear you were involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault?" Telemarker call.
2016-10-20 02038689027 This is a scam to get you to answer the call and your linked to a premium line which costs over £240 per year
2016-10-20 02071833891 Captec Investments We are an alternative investment consultancy, focused on various property, commodity, fixed income and private equity investments. Our prime objective is to provide the most cutting edge and innovative investment solutions for investors that are tired of the volatility and frustratingly low returns associated in the traditional financial areas
2016-10-20 857055725 Got a call from 857055725 at 2.35pm today. Quite a lot of background noise, long pause before I got a 'hello'. So fed up with idiot phone calls I just put the phone down. But! Just 9 digits?? Only lead I get is Tucson Arizona..???
2016-10-20 09113980065 Don't know who this is, just a mysterious charge on my Bill for £28-78 from this number
2016-10-20 02033933174 This number calls 5 times in an hour, i decided to answer it, they told me i had an accident, which i wanted them to tell me accident i had, they couldn't tell me. i asked what company they were calling from and they wouldn't disclose the company name.
2016-10-20 7808680251 phoned my number and didn't leave a message and left no message
2016-10-19 01482222009 Fucking annoying calling and no one there, cant call back as its a hold machine
2016-10-18 02343520052 Saying I have been in a car accident and entitled to £4000
2016-10-18 01773405803 Was unable to get back to them. Waited on the lone for 5 mins in case it was important and very strange sounding "your call is important to us" in an American digital voice. Unless Stephen Hawking is your relative, Avoid.
2016-10-17 01536658435 Scam. Trying to get your personal information. Cut me off when I asked them to put their company details in the post.
2016-10-17 01546342815 Calls every single day, refuses to remove my number from the list. rude UK callers
2016-10-17 01282457903 Scam call saying they are from TalkTalk and I have a problem with my router. I asked them to confirm my account number which they did. TalkTalk will never tell you it as it is part of their security
2016-10-16 07743560632 this person it's dangerous and police in jersey looking for him( Paulo his name)
2016-10-15 07810898424 Called from England. They know me but I lost their number when my phone crashed so I cant remember who it is.
2016-10-15 07513610341 This number called me twice this morning did not pick up since its not in my contacts person keep ringing for more than 8 mins in a go ...cut off call again then i picked up no one said anything i hang up the phone but to surprise the number is not in my call log .... am curious n scared .....
2016-10-14 01912794381 I*'ve entered this number into six different so called reverse phone number services and not a single one has provided any useful information. What a waste of time.
2016-10-14 0416459889 This number messaged saying I randomly appeared in their not contacts. They jokingly tried to make me guess their name and asked for mine. I threatened to call the police and they said they swore they didn't know my number and that they'd block me.
2016-10-14 07539224633 Abusers of a dog, find him and bring him to justice
2016-10-14 07539224633 Blackmailed a couple and killed their family dog by hanging it and he then sent pictures to the couple. Name not yet know.
2016-10-13 07539224633 Seen on Facebook blackmailing a dog owner with messages regarding their lost dog, including sending images of a dog that had been hung to death with likeness to the missing dog.
2016-10-13 07539224633 killed a family dog and sent picture of the dog dead to the family Harrass this number
2016-10-13 02036342485 Call Centre number Had a call from a female asking questions about any accidents or damage to my car in the last few years. Don't know how she knew my full name, but when I asked her for more info on what exactly it is about, she abruptly ended the call ! Beware. Don't give out any information if it doesn't seem right !
2016-10-13 8586048375 I have a missed call from this number the person did not leave a message.
2016-10-13 8586048375 I have a missed call from this number the person did not leave a message.
2016-10-12 25299414353 I have a missed call from this number the person did not leave a message.
2016-10-12 02306361945 phone rang, no one at other end, phone went dead x2 today
2016-10-12 08436841893 Spam call!!! Do not answer, just a machine asking to press numbers...9 to opt out etc. BLOCK THIS NUMBER!
2016-10-12 07597344018 I think he got my number of Facebook and has stalked my profile and now he's saying that he's someone he's not
2016-10-11 01639326894 A guy rang and said he wanted to speak to (me), and he also said the name of the Company, but very indistinctly, so I said "who did you say was calling", to which he replied "You Claim for Me". In return I said to him, "what on earth would you be claiming for me?" to which he replied "You have a good evening then" and then ended his call! I've never heard of "You Claim for Me" before, but whoever they are you can bet your bottom dollar that there's going to be more money in it for them than there ever would be for whoever they contact!
2016-10-11 07944640437 Phones me numerous times at strange times of day
2016-10-10 07481346796 Texts you link to fake appleid login page which steals password and bank details
2016-10-10 01587452611 I keep getting calls from this number, asking to speak to a Mrs Clarke, when I say there's never been a Mrs Clarke here, they launch into some kind of information pitch. I always hang up. I've asked them to not call me on numerous occasions.
2016-10-07 02030639312 Claiming to be ringing from telephone preference company asking if I want to be removed from databases. Asked for my address when I refused they hung up.
2016-10-05 02075816128 Someone claiming to be called Sean telling me i'd had a car accident a while ago - i haven't got a car
2016-10-05 8446424289 Missed the call. Called it back from a land line not associated with me. Good thing. It is an IRS scam. IRS will not call you. The person who answered was foreign and barely understandable. I repeat, IRS does not make phone calls...this is a SCAM

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Somebody called you and you don’t know who it was? At www.whose-number-is-this.com you can search our database or post a question about a number you are interested in. You’ve missed a connection? And you have no idea who called you you’ve come to the right place! Our portal is the biggest site of this kind on the World market and is visited by over 200 000 people every month. To find information about a number, type the number into the box above and click the “search” button. If there is nothing in our database you can always post a question hoping that other users might have the information you seek.

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You’ve missed a connection and you want to check who called you? Enter this phone number on our page and search our database of over million entries made by other internet users to find as much information about this number as the internet has to offer. Somebody called from an unknown phone number? Simple! Search our database for the information provided by our other users or post a question about a number you are interested in. Everybody who uses our service has the right to post information about a phone number or ask others about one.

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It’s simple! Our site makes reverse lookup of a phone number an easy task. If you want to find out who called you type the number into the box above and click “search”. In a few moments you will know if our database contains any information about the phone number you’re interested in. If there are no entries, you may be the first one who would inform other users about it.

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Dear user, your visit means that you that you’ve had a missed connection or were called from an unknown number. Our site will help you with finding information about unknown cell and stationary phone numbers. If there will be no information yet, your best option is to describe your story and ask other users about the phone number you are interested in. Somebody called you and you would like to know who it was? Our portal is the biggest site of this kind on the World market and is visited by over 200 000 people every month. So you’ve come to the right place. As a leader on the Polish market we aim to provide truthful and reliable information by constantly monitoring and moderating content of our site and insuring high quality of our service. As admins we are pleased that within just a few years our portal has become the most popular site of this kind in Poland. We invite you to search for the information about phone numbers and to share the information that you have. You can be both a user and a content provider of our service. Your knowledge may help others just like other’s knowledge might help you. Our search engine will also identify for you the network the number in question belongs to as well as the county and place you’ve been called from. It’s as easy as a reverse lookup of a number, all that you need is to press a few buttons.

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These days, it's not unusual to receive dozens of calls with various offers from unknown numbers and you might have wondered just who the caller was. www.whose-number-is-this.com is a free service which offers you a chance to find that out. If you’re getting pestered by cold callers and you would like to know who they were, posting your question on our site gives you a high chance of an answer from our other users. You’ve missed a connection and wonder who the caller was? You don’t have to wonder anymore! Search our database for that information or check what our other users have to say about the number you are interested in. Sometimes you write down a number but you forget who it belongs to. You could call that number to find out who it is but it can be bothersome and awkward. It’s much easier to use www.whose-number-is-this.com – a constantly evolving service created by the internet users for the internet users. It takes only a few seconds. Just enter the number on our front page and check if our other users have any information about it. Our free service is especially useful if you’re receiving many calls from the same caller because it allows you to find information without coming into contact with that person. Your caller could be a cold caller, a marketer or a conman/woman. Finding out just who it was will help you to decide if you do or don’t want to contact them. If you aren’t the only person who receives calls from such a person some of our other users might have information which will help you to decide what to do next. Our database is very large and new entries are added every day so there is a high chance that the information you are looking for is there already. Searching for the information about phone numbers used to be troublesome and time consuming if not right down impossible. But now it’s simple. And it’s free! A number of entries we are receiving from other internet users convince us that our service is both needed and useful and we take pride in that!

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