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Whose number is this? Enter number and find it out. Would you like to find out who the phone number that just called you belongs to ? Our service “ Who called me ” will allows reverse lookup of a number. Our service is based on user input so our information database grows fast and is actualized on the regular basis. Unsolicited calls – are you getting repeated unwanted calls? Somebody calls you often and you don’t know who? Publish this number on our page and let other users know about it. Are you getting repeated unwanted calls and you have no idea who the caller was ? Whose number is this - you don’t know who owns a phone number you are interested in? Our portal is created by internet users who present and share information about phone numbers. Thanks to them our database grows constantly and allows access to the latest information. Who called me – have a missed call and you would like to know who the caller was? Enter that phone number on our page and see what kind of information about this number was provided by other users of our service. You want to know what number is this and who owns it ? If you need to know whose number is this just enter this number on our website and check it out ! Free reverse phone lookup

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2019-01-03 02030575476 Has called several times a day since Boxing Day. Have left the phone off the hook, have disconnected phone - another call this morning. Sky Secure Shield is not available in my area. Suggestions please as to what to do.
2018-12-20 01140540271 Cold calls from very rude staff that refuse to remove your contact details from the data Base when requested
2018-12-17 01132623760 Shows as International Call but displays number. When answered silence.
2018-12-10 01140930753 Received unexpected call, when trying to return call to establish caller advised number not recognised.
2018-12-07 01639770335 Computer scammer supposedly from MS tech Support
2018-12-03 03474046755 Said they were from Domestic & General and would be reducing my monthly amount I pay for insurance. Wanted me to give them my bank details to set up the new amount I need pay. As they have my account details, and every month take what is needed by direct debit, why do they need details. There is no problem when the amount goes up each year, so refused to give them details over the phone. They know my address and I told them to send me all the information and I will go to my bank and get things sorted.
2018-11-29 01675528953 Rang I answered hello no reply and put phone down.
2018-11-27 0203969646 DO NOT TAKE ALL FROM THIS NUMBER 0203969646 OR 0203969649 .
2018-11-13 02039369630 This number keeps ringing me and is a nuisance!
2018-02-23 02075511333 Further to my earlier comment, this is DEFINITELY A SCAM. I got another call at 13.55hrs - just half an hour after the previous one. I take back my earlier comment about the man sounding Chinese - they're definitely Asian (Indian or Pakistani). This guy also claimed he was calling from BT Openreach and was trying to tell me there was a problem with my internet and he could fix it for me, and if I didn't let him fix it, I'd have more problems in a couple of days (I should mention that his indigenous accent was SO thick that I could barely understand a word he was saying). In response to his question, I told him I didn't know what colour light was flashing on my router box because it was in a different room. I also told him that there was no problem with my internet - and nor had there been - and it was working perfectly. This still didn't stop him talking so I strung him along for about 3 minutes - just for the sheer hell of it - and then told him that, in the UK we are well aware of Asian call-centre "hot houses" who phone us and pretend to be someone they're not in order to extort money. He finally hung up with, surprisingly, not another word! LOLOLOLOLOL! ;)
2018-02-23 02080776623 02080776623 - keeps calling mobile over last few days and leaves no message
2018-02-22 7602237395 Received a call from this number saying there was a complaint filed against me and that someone would show up at my place of residence. (I deleted the voicemail so I forget the exact details) This was left on my voicemail by a mean sounding female voice. They told me to call 561-246-4032 and left a reference # I called back the original number that called me and heard some music for a short time and then a professional sounding woman answered and said her name was "Jackie Gill" or something similar. I then hung up and blocked the numbers.
2018-02-21 8155287073 scammer stating the "cops are going to take me into custody" and that i have "four legal matters "pressing" against my name" bunch of crap. These people should be in jail.
2018-02-20 01202592227 I think they are sales, but are extremely rude when you say the person they have asked for, isn't there
2018-02-15 02068215318 eight plus calls in last few days won't identify who they are
2018-02-07 9406046234 +19406046234. pls help whose number is this calling me randomly
2018-02-05 02872129997 Can hear someone typing in the background - but nobody speaks.
2018-01-16 7753840056 Missed a call from this number. They called two times in ten minutes and did not leave a message. Just wondering
2018-01-04 01613549904 Keeps calling without leaving message
2017-12-07 0330450725 Called 3 times in quick succession but left no voicemails
2017-12-05 178840613 have no idea who called used 211 178 840 613
2017-12-04 02032860978 Do not know who called, did not speak when answered
2017-11-28 08001814422 Government business development service.
2017-07-28 01614012362 Ambulance chasers, the fact you have not had an accident doesn't seem to matter.
2017-07-28 01582249922 Telephoned me dont know who is
2017-07-28 8472977015 Being harassed by telemarketer
2017-07-26 03335565516 Constantly ringing me even though blocked they still try and then continue on my mobile number.
2017-07-26 0879850307 Don't know this number
2017-07-19 08455273653 Called three times up to now,asking for someone who does not live here. Rude & aggressive, wouldn't accept the answer until he was threatened with reporting the number to Trading Standards.
2017-07-18 02031296057 A message was left from HMRC and wanted to know if it was genuine call
2017-07-17 7252231669 Loan forgiveness program calling cell phone illegally.
2017-07-12 0730879057 Frequent calls from this number. They never leave a msg.
2017-07-10 +2035141599 Says Egypt - don't know anyone in Egypt
2017-07-09 07484697250 Strange message
2017-07-06 01424884090 They called asking if i received a landscaping leaflet which was given to me.. by hand, today. GF landscaping. Addressed in Telford. Not Hastings. They also handed over no leaflets to anybody else in my street. I find this very odd.
2017-07-05 %204093637005 Got 2 missed calls from this number. No idea who calls me. No message left
2017-07-05 01986300053 Called them back and recorded message advises 'You've been chosen to win £1000 or an iPad Pro' just press 2 and we'll call you back in 24 hours. Needless to say I didn't press 2!!
2017-06-29 03300415254 who called me
2017-06-20 03303900657 Automated message from some debt consolidation company!
2017-06-20 01423241815 Constant calling. No one there when answering just constant beeping.

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Somebody called you and you don’t know who it was? At www.whose-number-is-this.com you can search our database or post a question about a number you are interested in. You’ve missed a connection? And you have no idea who called you you’ve come to the right place! Our portal is the biggest site of this kind on the World market and is visited by over 200 000 people every month. To find information about a number, type the number into the box above and click the “search” button. If there is nothing in our database you can always post a question hoping that other users might have the information you seek. Chcesz sprawdzić kto dzwonił Znajdź kto dzwonił

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You’ve missed a connection and you want to check who called you? Enter this phone number on our page and search our database of over million entries made by other internet users to find as much information about this number as the internet has to offer. Somebody called from an unknown phone number? Simple! Search our database for the information provided by our other users or post a question about a number you are interested in. Everybody who uses our service has the right to post information about a phone number or ask others about one.

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It’s simple! Our site makes reverse lookup of a phone number an easy task. If you want to find out who called you type the number into the box above and click “search”. In a few moments you will know if our database contains any information about the phone number you’re interested in. If there are no entries, you may be the first one who would inform other users about it.

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Dear user, your visit means that you that you’ve had a missed connection or were called from an unknown number. Our site will help you with finding information about unknown cell and stationary phone numbers. If there will be no information yet, your best option is to describe your story and ask other users about the phone number you are interested in. Somebody called you and you would like to know who it was? Our portal is the biggest site of this kind on the World market and is visited by over 200 000 people every month. So you’ve come to the right place. As a leader on the Polish market we aim to provide truthful and reliable information by constantly monitoring and moderating content of our site and insuring high quality of our service. As admins we are pleased that within just a few years our portal has become the most popular site of this kind in Poland. We invite you to search for the information about phone numbers and to share the information that you have. You can be both a user and a content provider of our service. Your knowledge may help others just like other’s knowledge might help you. Our search engine will also identify for you the network the number in question belongs to as well as the county and place you’ve been called from. It’s as easy as a reverse lookup of a number, all that you need is to press a few buttons.

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These days, it's not unusual to receive dozens of calls with various offers from unknown numbers and you might have wondered just who the caller was. www.whose-number-is-this.com is a free service which offers you a chance to find that out. If you’re getting pestered by cold callers and you would like to know who they were, posting your question on our site gives you a high chance of an answer from our other users. You’ve missed a connection and wonder who the caller was? You don’t have to wonder anymore! Search our database for that information or check what our other users have to say about the number you are interested in. Sometimes you write down a number but you forget who it belongs to. You could call that number to find out who it is but it can be bothersome and awkward. It’s much easier to use www.whose-number-is-this.com – a constantly evolving service created by the internet users for the internet users. It takes only a few seconds. Just enter the number on our front page and check if our other users have any information about it. Our free service is especially useful if you’re receiving many calls from the same caller because it allows you to find information without coming into contact with that person. Your caller could be a cold caller, a marketer or a conman/woman. Finding out just who it was will help you to decide if you do or don’t want to contact them. If you aren’t the only person who receives calls from such a person some of our other users might have information which will help you to decide what to do next. Our database is very large and new entries are added every day so there is a high chance that the information you are looking for is there already. Searching for the information about phone numbers used to be troublesome and time consuming if not right down impossible. But now it’s simple. And it’s free! A number of entries we are receiving from other internet users convince us that our service is both needed and useful and we take pride in that!
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