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2016-08-28 8093873356 this phone number makes fraud calls and cheat people and money in rural odisha. the person called himself Dinesh with a lady (speaking in hindi language and they tells they are Madhya Pradesh people working under a cable contracter have already cheat lakhs of rupees from rural people of Odisha. They are Kela in (Caste) . they promise that they have old ornaments but can not sell in shop , because they have no bill. they will show you gold, after receives money they will give you (pittal) means other metal with light gold plated. please any one find the young man aged about 25 (fair, slim ) and a lady with her aged about 40 (midium fat , fair speaking hindi, they always carry a white plastic carry bag in their hand to show there innocence and to cheat people). any one in Odisha or other region of India finds the young man and the lady please immediately informed the police and search them.
2016-08-28 27624080975 Called me and first time i answered was a long delay no one spoke. Keeps calling once or twice a day for the last 5 days.
2016-08-27 9018282983 Belonged to a girl names Brittany a few years ago. I'm looking for her new number.
2016-08-27 0261885661 This number has contacted numerous times wanting our lawyer to contact us back!!
2016-08-27 2028660819 lady called looking for someone told her wrong number then she starts cussing at me very nasty words!!
2016-08-26 4023068573 Called my gf in middle of night and was very nasty, disturbing and creepy.
2016-08-26 9185054776 Called non-stop even after telling them to stop calling. Supposedly calling for some sort of Health Insurance Quote. But I doubt any real health insurance place would keep calling minute after minute.
2016-08-26 3306127363 3306127363 called Friday morning threatening me with physical harm at the hands three marines and will put me out of business
2016-08-26 2134532111 IRS SCAMMER!!! Scammer called 8-17-16 from (213) 453-2111 claiming to be from "The IRS, the Internal Revenue Service", never mentioning my name, and telling me that "this is your official notice of a lawsuit", as if a phone call could ever be such a thing. They gave a callback number of (213) 453-0506.
2016-08-26 0450558100 send links which damages ones phones. anther one of them spam numbers. phone number is carried by vodafone
2016-08-26 0394529273 Called me and first time i answered was a long delay no one spoke. Keeps calling once or twice a day for the last 5 days.
2016-08-25 0412%20452%2048 Love to know who this is! They call and hang up as soon as you speak. Very annoying
2016-08-25 07392846825 Keeps texting saying I have £25,000 ppi claim waiting can't see how when never had a loan or store card sent stop several times and tried to call number now just delete messages all the the time
2016-08-25 0100055560 I got a missed call for this number 0100055560.please call me back my number is 0711179785
2016-08-24 3152875212 I am calling this dangerous because the message left said they were a federal agent and I had one last chance to contact them for relief. Their number is not as yet showing up in searches as a threat. It is a threat
2016-08-24 148600052 Called by Indian sounding lady. She said she was from Microsoft. Told not interested and she rang off before I could finish my sentence.
2016-08-24 01744350881 Number keeps calling, when you call back, it says the number is not reconised, sounds dodgy to me, no one is there if you answer, block block block
2016-08-23 9402223897 This is an auto-dialer because there's another very similar number calling me right after this one That number as well is 9402226963
2016-08-23 02079452117 Just called saying they had had a report I was in a not-my-fault car accident, hung up very quickly as soon as I started saying absolutely not where did you get my number I'm on the TPS...
2016-08-23 0261885661 Just received an answerphone message from an american man saying: Before the case gets registered with the commonwealth court regarding details of your treachery and you get arrested by the local police department, we want you or your lawyer to contact us back on 0261885661 THIS IS A SCAM = the same man rang me last friday and demanded to know my name and details. I refused to give him this information instead i demanded to know his details. He refused. This went on for several minutes before he finally spat out that his name was Officer White. When i advised him that i would be lodging a complaint with our local law enforcement/telephone service provider he hung up.
2016-08-23 0261885643 Please disregard my previous comment (I put my name in by mistake). I've now received this call three times. The caller was a recorded message with an authoritarian type voice saying something like this, 'This is the Police Department. You or your lawyer should call us us on (02) 618 85643.' I rang back to see what would happen next and there was another recorded message saying the person I've rung isn't available.
2016-08-22 01142568933 No one answered when I'd said "Hello", but could hear other voices in the background.
2016-08-22 0476299940 random calls initially without caller ID and lying about what they're after via texting
2016-08-22 0422063777 Received a call from this number, we're both in the same country so it was a missed call. I can say that this number is safe.
2016-08-21 07841340945 Received a text from this number stating they were from Gumtree security and they had suspended my ad asking me to log in through a link to sort out the issue. Logged in through my secure App and funny enough my advert was fine. Assume they conmen are just after bank details etc so beware.
2016-08-20 4024409607 Called saying I left my purse? And that they went through it, that I should come get it, that it had weed in it and its been confiscated. The caller ID says from Lincoln, NE. Never been there.
2016-08-20 07591592876 Craig Taylor is a crook that sells cars to the young and very old for cash with no return hes a dodgy horribe untrustworthy man trading standards are on to him so fingers crossed Karma will catch him....
2016-08-20 6565294999 Ask me to bring IC to police office ??? They did not state why and just ask me to being IC.
2016-08-19 01444642335 missed call.. didn't answer.. phoned back.. automated answering machine with american accent/hold music... "your call is very important to us please continue to hold"
2016-08-19 0283853631 They told me they we're dodo I told them I can't get internet where I am still wanted my address anything happens I know who to call. Bit sus now I think of it.
2016-08-19 47749768817 This number texted me asking what do I fancy but I'm not sure if it's spam or my friend who's living at the other side of the world
2016-08-19 0497480370 this number doesn't usually contact unkown numbers but if she does she is completely safe
2016-08-18 8444101687 received call claiming that i could be eligible for teacher loan forgiveness. I have not applied/ asked for this. Lots of loud chatter in background of voicemail that was left on phone. did not trust caller as they asked for me to call their direct line.
2016-08-18 01642049280 Continual calls to me , I say the owner (myself) is away ,They will not say why they are calling .
2016-08-17 2026434057 This number keeps calling me everyday and night telling me I have a lawsuit against me and someone filed charges against me but who.
2016-08-17 01158378118 Some firm selling security from Nottingham. No company coming up on Google under that number so looks to be a scam.
2016-08-17 14433528224 Claim to be from TalkTalk but this number belongs to George Oconnor, 9222, Harvest Rush Rd, Owings Mills, MD 21117. As with several other such numbers it has just been picked at random and the owner knows nothing except that he is fed up with irate callers asking if he is from TalkTalk. Other numbers in the same scam are 001469 2980966, 001773 6439048 and 001954 9002988 but nobody official in the UK cares about these as they are apparently international calls.
2016-08-17 01428865452 Have got both my landline and mobile numbers and call both one after the other. I feel so vulnerable because I don't know how they got my numbers.
2016-08-17 7953967002 This number costs me money on my pay as you go virgin phone every time it appears I want to know who it is.
2016-08-17 3302349495 Call and play games over and over, very much in a stocking manner

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